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If you are already a certified artist but would love to pick our brain for a day, we'd love to help you! Whether it is needing help with your technique, shaping, color theory and selection, how to take better pictures or even the business side of things, we can help! We have been in this business for over 13 years, done thousands of procedures and trained hundreds of students. We will send one of our skillful trainers to your location for a full day of education, however you'd like to use them. Here are the details....


1- Limited to 1 or 2 Artists

2- Time frame would be from 9am to 5pm

3- You have to already be certified in some method of permanent cosmetics

4- We CANNOT teach you a brand new method that you are not already certified in

5- We are yours for the day! You may set up the day however you like. That means you can do as many models as youd like in that time frame, or you can purely ask us questions. 

6- Cost is $900 per day (That can be split if 2 artists will be attending)

7- Only available for Utah and Eastern Idaho locations. 


We are Certified Trainers with years of experience. We have extensive experience with all modalities. Which include, Softap manual method, Digital machine method, Rotary, coil and Microblading. Whatever technique you are using, we can help you master that modality. 

one on one TRAININGS

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