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advanced microblading

$850 * $500 deposit goes towards tuition


This course is designed for Technicians who are either Imani Artistry Graduates of our fundamentals course, or technicians who were trained by another company and are currently doing Microblading but looking to further their skill set. In this class we will teach you the technique of Microblading. Because it is taught as purely an advanced class we do not go over shaping, sanitation, cross contamination, consultation etc.  These things were already taught in the fundamentals course so they will not be covered again. This is why this class is only offered to practicing technicians only who have already received that training. You will learn the technique of microblading, who is a good candidate and who is not. Skin types, brow types, hair patterns and how to make the brow look the most realistic. This is a hands on class. You will do 2 of your own models. This is a great method to add to your fundamentals background.


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