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$850 * $500 deposit goes towards tuition

With brows being the most popular procedure out there right now its crucial that you are able to provide your clients with as many styles and options as possible. In this Combination Brow class we will focus on using multiple techniques in one session to get your client a customized brow! We will be using the hair stroke method (machine and microblading), powder fill, solid fill, and the new stippling effect! Sometimes knowing what combination is best for a client can be tricky- we will cover this! We want you to know the ins and outs of each modality, who its best for, and how to combine them together to get the most ideal outcome for your clients. This truly is what makes those brows look the most realistic!! This is a hands-on class! You will watch live demonstration models as well as work on one model yourself. With brows being in such high demand, this is one class you can't miss!


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