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SofTap® permanent cosmetics is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The SofTap® needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, and most important of all, the most natural look in the world. The SofTap® method of permanent cosmetics is performed manually using a small hand-held non-electric implement. By applying pigments manually, the technician has complete control resulting in a very natural look. The SofTap® implements come pre-sterilized and are discarded in a Sharps biohazard container following every procedure. In all applications, regardless of the instrument used, the technician behind the tool is what makes the procedure successful.



Have you permanently lost hair in your eyebrows due to tweezing or shaving? Are you applying brow pencil everyday in order to compensate for this? Do you have problems drawing them on straight? Wouldn't you just love to get up every morning with perfectly shaped brows?

Well, now your wish can come true with SofTap® permanent cosmetics. No matter what shape your brows are in now, permanent eyebrows can help you achieve anything from a subtle enhancement of color to a complete reconstruction of your existing eyebrow.

-Maybe your brows just need a hint of color. Small amounts of color in the right places can transform a normal eyebrow into a fabulous one. To do this, color is dusted lightly throughout natural brows to define them, and if desired, hair strokes can be used to lengthen the existing brow.

-If your brows are flat and lack an arch, permanent brow color can give your brows that lift they need. Color placed slightly above the existing arch can easily create the look of a brow lift and take years off of your face.

-If you are missing your entire eyebrow, then simulated hair strokes can make your brows appear as though they actually have hairs. In addition to this, a soft dusting of color can be placed throughout the entire brows in order to give them more dimension. Alternatively, if you like the penciled style, a solid fill throughout the eyebrow area may work for you.


Eyeliner can make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more dressed up. The only trouble is, putting on eyeliner and then taking it off every day is very tedious! And it doesn't even stay on right! A lot of eyeliner smudges and runs into your eyes, irritating them and ruining your look. But imagine that yours didn't! Imagine that your eyeliner is beautiful, comfortable, and smudge-proof every day, even when you first wake up.

Lash Enhancement:

If you don't wear a lot of makeup, but feel like you look "washed out" without it, you would love this procedure. Only a very small amount of eyeliner color will be deposited throughout your natural lash line to make you appear as if your eyelashes are lush and dark.

Thin Eyeliner:

If your eyelashes are very sparse, and small amounts of eye makeup don't quite help you get that "awake" look, thin eyeliner would help you to achieve the look you want. This procedure just adds a thin line right above the lash line, where you would draw in your own eyeliner.

Thick Eyeliner:

If you love thick eyeliner and hate putting it on every day, permanent eyeliner is just for you. Thick liner is dramatic and makes your eyes "pop." Color is applied above the lash line in the style you are used to wearing—and if you're used to tails we can do that too! This look is fantastic for women who love their eyeliner thick and sexy every day.

Smudgy Eyeliner:

That smudged look never goes out of style! If you like to look soft, yet made up, smudgy eyeliner would be a great choice. Color is applied with a special tool that only implants color in intervals, so you can have the perfect smudge, all the time.

Special Effects Eyeliner:

A basic eyeliner, followed by a smudgy effect above the lash line in a different, eye flattering color, creates a place for your eyes to shine forth and sparkle.

Permanent Cosmetics can give you anything from a slight shape adjustment to a complete recoloring of your existing lip. The best part is, the results are so natural only you will know the difference!

Natural imperfections, such as poor shape or receded lips can be corrected with SofTap®. You don't have to have perfectly molded lips to have permanent makeup. Slight adjustments can be made in design to give you the illusion of younger, fuller lips.

SofTap® lips are perfect for those who:

Have pale lips but want more color

Have thin lips but want fuller looking lips

Have irregularly shaped lips but want more symmetry/better shape.

Choose between a Lip liner, Blended Lip Liner or Full Lip color. 



Corrective work can be done to repair the color or shape of your previous permanent makeup.

If you are unhappy with your previous permanent makeup, and either wish to adjust the shape or color, exfoliate, or camouflage the area you should see a professional who performs corrections. An experienced professional can make small corrections, and adjustments to give you the look you desire.

Creative, Camouflage and Scars

SofTap® is a creative way to enhance, camouflage, or minimize the look of many of your natural features. Our professionals have found methods to camouflage scars and burns, disguise skin conditions such as vitiligo, re-pigment areolas, and even hide port wine stains. Matching skin coloring from the surrounding affected scar area, pigment is implanted to camouflage skin imperfections such as: scars, stretch marks and acne scars.

Areola Restoration 

Breast cancers survivors greatly benefit from the application of permanent makeup with areola restoration. Matching your natural skin tone, an areola can be restored with a three dimensional appearance that boosts self-confidence!

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