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Stephanie Landon

Permanent Makeup Certified Trainer and Technician

13 years in the permanent makeup field

8 years as certified trainer

Stephanie Landon has been doing permanent cosmetics for over 13 years. She started out by becoming certified in the SofTap hand method and immediately fell in love with this industry. While working in the permanent makeup field she also decided to get her cosmetology license and practice both hair and makeup artistry alongside her permanent cosmetics career.


Not long into her career she was the top lead Makeup artist at Studio Enizio, an on-site hair and makeup company that has received national awards. Her work was published many times in various magazines in the country. She gained a lot of experience doing hair and makeup for films and television shows. Her knowledge in makeup, shapes and colors really developed as she was able to work on many different styles and types of clients.


A few more years into her career she decided her love and passion was in the permanent cosmetics field and decided to focus all of her time and energy into this career path. Having learned all of the techniques and modalities that are out there has increased her knowledge greatly over the last 13 years. Her specialty is the softap hand method but also enjoys practicing with the rotary machine, digital machine and Microblading hand tool. Having an extensive knowledge in all of these areas has quicly set her apart as one of the most sought after artists in the country. Although based out of Utah her clientel is not limited to Utah but expands to all over the United States. In her 13 years as a technician Stephanie has performed over 20,000 procedures! Her calendar stays booked for about 8-12 months in advance as her services are in high demand.


Because of Stephanies years of experience and skill set, in 2009, she was selected to become a Certified trainer for SofTap. This is when Imani Artistry Academy began! She has had the privilege of training over 300 Students world wide. Many of them have booming careers and are making a name for themselves in this industry. Her love and passion is to teach and be able to share this industry with others. She devotes a lot of her time to her past students in helping with technical questions and continued education to help build their businesses. Our training Academy has grown tremendously fast. We now have a Training Facility based out of Pleasant Grove Utah, with multiple trainers and staff memebers. With an increased staff we are accommodating at least 1-fundamental class a month as well as multiple advanced classes.


Imani Artistry is a company with years of experience in the field, which has put us on the top of the permanent makeup cosmetic industry in the USA. Our quality of treatment, and our innovation is the reason we are at the top of the profession. We have and continue to travel around the world in search of new techniques, and practices that will ensure perfect result for each client.


Credible Artists Stephanie has trained with:

Donna Staples owner of Fresh New Face

Alexis Lawson Owner of SofTap

Mary Ritchardson, PMU by Mary

Teryn Darling, Girlz Ink

Penny Rudy, Chrysalis Clinic

Will Anthony

Kristi’s Luxury Permanent Makeup


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